The Back Eddy – Westport, MA

Westport is a small town with limited dining options to choose from. We were down there for the grand opening of the Zambezi Grace showroom (check out their crocodile leather wallets, belts and more online!) a client I work with. Because it’s an hour and a half drive from where we live in Boston, I wanted to extend the day trip and end it with a delicious meal. Many people I talked to at the event highly recommended The Back Eddy for delicious seafood by the water. So we took them at their word and had a bite to eat after the event.

River views from the patio or the warm dining room draw fans to this inventive seafood-centric spot. This was the view from the table.

It was around Halloween when we went to check it out. Of note: the Back Eddy closes from January-March, so we were glad to eat there before the winter months. The wait staff was dressed up in full for Halloween. The waitress was a sprinkled donut. You have to love the Halloween spirit (yes, I realize it’s nearly Christmas).

Now, for the food.

To me, nothing beats Bacon-wrapped scallops, so that was my order. The scallops were doused in delicious spices and wrapped in smoky applewood bacon and accompanied by a potato and spring vegetable hash, corn and lemon-dressed greens with some pesto sauce. Delicious!

It came with an assortment of little necks, oysters, and shrimp, all of which were so fresh they tasted like they were literally caught five minutes before they were served.

Whether you’re down there for a vacation or for a client meeting like me, the Back Eddy is definitely worth checking out for a top-notch seafood meal with a great view!

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