La Casa de Pedro – Watertown, MA

I can’t even begin to express just how much I love Venezuelan food. To me, it’s definitely not an every week thing, but every once in a while it just hits the spot!

The menu at La Casa De Pedro is HUGE. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, there are tons of meals to choose. There were so many things we wanted to try that sounded enticing.

The moment you walk into La Casa de Pedro, you feel the festiveness. We’re talking palm trees with Christmas lights and plenty of other plants. There was even a band that played live music. The people next to us left their table after dinner to salsa dance in the open space by the bar. My favorite part was probably eating to the sweets sounds of “Oye Como Va” cover by Santana.

As for the dinner itself, the portions are huge. I ordered an appetizer, which in retrospect seemed to be the right choice. The appetizer I decided on was a beef arepa – the beef was tender and juicy and the bread was spongy and delicious. Definitely worth a try.

The entree, Parillada Caraquena, was an amazing combination of white chicken and sirloin steak with rice, fried plantains, and spicy Spanish sausage.

To cap off dinner, I also sampled a dessert dish. The dessert menu isn’t huge, and there are some dessert drinks that certainly looked appealing. The waiter sold me on the churros, which were not on the menu. I mean, of course, we’re going to order the churros, their heaven on earth.

They were the bomb! Warm churros with melting vanilla ice cream with drizzled hot fudge. Definitely, ask for this if it’s still not on the menu next time you go.

TL;DR: For excellent Venezuelan & Spanish cuisine and lively bar scene, La Casa De Pedro is worth the drive out to Watertown.

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