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Sometimes, you just have to get out of the city. Samantha and I didn’t get too far out of the city on this mini-trip, as we wanted to check out the food scene in Winthrop. Why did we pick Winthrop you ask? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. We were interested in going because it’s close to Boston, but it doesn’t feel like Boston. It’s also a beach town, surrounded by water and views of the Boston skyline which can be beautiful in the summer if that peaks your fancy.

So we knew we wanted to go somewhere, but we didn’t know where at first. An online search guided us toward La Siesta Restaurante, a hidden little gem of a restaurant serving authentic Mexican dishes and some seafood dishes too.

When you walk in, the restaurant had vibrant colors and patterns that portray a Mexican vibe. There was also a mariachi player that was going from table to table singing and playing guitar. For a Saturday evening, it wasn’t all too crowded, and we were able to get seated upon arrival.

The waiter, who was very friendly, started us off with some chips and salsa as we perused our menu choices. The salsa was super fresh and definitely had a bit of tanginess to it. The chips were warm and had the perfect amount of salt and pepper on them. As far as free starters go, it was one of the best I’ve had in recent memory, however, the waiter never gave us each separate plates at that time, which would have helped.

For our orders, I ordered the “tres tacos”, and Samantha decided on the flautas. Our food came out extraordinarily fast. The “tres tacos” was a great way to sample a bit of everything, as each soft corn tortilla featured a different protein. There was a grilled chicken taco, an al pastor (pork & pineapple) taco, and a carne asada(steak) taco – all with grilled with onions and cilantro. The al pastor taco was interesting – the pork shoulder with the pineapple combo was sweet and savory, The guacamole served on the side enhanced the flavor of each taco.

Tacos at La Siesta RestauranteThe flautas were fantastic. To be honest, neither of us had ever had a flauta up until this point, so I don’t know how good they were compared to others, but they freakin’ good here let me tell ya. You get two flour tortillas deep-fried and filled with shredded beef, topped with ranchero sauce, melted cheese, and sour cream.The outside was crispy and perfectly fried, while the inside was gooey and cheesy goodness. She put a bit of guacamole on the top and it made the thing even more delish. Each flauta was pretty generously sized. Paired with a side of rice and beans, we were pretty full by the end of our meal.

La Siesta Restaurante flautasAlthough we didn’t sample any drinks, the drink menu is a staple at La Siesta, and we were in the wrong not to order a margarita or something of the like. Next time we go back, we will have to pair our meal with one of the well-acclaimed drinks offered on the menu.

If you’re looking for a high-quality restaurant just outside of Boston, you should consider La Siesta. The service is fast and attentive, the food was outstanding, and the aura was authentic. Located in Winthrop it’s not too far of a drive from the city. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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