Paris Creperie – Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA


Nothing beats a good crepe. A crepe can consist of endless ingredients, and I for one can really appreciate the creativity of a tasty crepe. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you go to Paris Creperie – a taste of Paris right in Coolidge Corner, with a menu that literally endless options of sweet and savory crepes to satisfy your stomach and heart.

When you walk in, you immediately get a sense of quaintness with a European-influenced decor. The space is small but cute. Paris Creperie is a counter-service restaurant, and depending on the day and time you go, it can be long. Because there is limited seating, a good trick is to claim a table by putting your belongings there before you get in line to order.

After we placed our order, we claimed our seats. Our food arrived well within 10 minutes, and we were ready to feast. We ordered an Apple & Brie Crepe, which was sweet and savory. The taste of the crispy cinnamon apples and brie was doing it for me – and the honey drizzled on top added a sweet sensation. It’s worth noting that there are a lot of vegetarian crepes on the menu at Paris Creperie, with this being one of them.

The Paris Creperie

In addition to ordering a “savory crepe”, we also chased that with a “sweet crepe” for dessert. We debated between the “Nutella chocolate” crepe and the “bear claw crepe”, but since we also ordered the “Nutella frozen hot chocolate”, we decided that would be too much Nutella, even for Nutella addicts like us. The “bear claw” is a cinnamon infused crepe with Belgian cookie butter & Parisian doughnut glaze, otherwise known as desert heaven. Samantha had the first bite and her first words were “omg, omg, holy sh*t that is good”, also adding a pretty glowing endorsement of “this crepe could solve world hunger and world peace”.

Paris Creperie has a menu that offers a ton of smoothies and frozen drinks that can pair well with their crepes.As previously mentioned, we also ordered a “Nutella frozen hot chocolate”, and that was also out of this world. The drink featured drizzle on the inside of the cup it was served in, which also makes me feel fancy.

While I would love to go back to Paris Creperie again, we will give away a gift card to one lucky follower – stay tuned for the details.

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