The Living Room – North End, Boston, MA


The Living Room is a favorite of ours, and our preferred spot for owning stump trivia on Tuesdays (this is an open invitation to try to beat team “Turd Ferguson”). Located in the North End, just a short away from the Long Wharf and Faneuil Hall, The Living Room is a hip, contemporary restaurant where you can feel right at home – and when I say that, I mean you can eat food, while watching TV and drinking beer, all while sitting on a couch. Yes, the Living Room has ample couches to sit and eat dinner on, and yes, they are comfortable as couches get.

Like I said, we go to Trivia every Tuesday, so we have had the opportunity to eat our way through the menu at The Living Room. The lunch and dinner menu has a little bit of everything including tasty appetizers, as well as a selection of sandwiches, and even all-day breakfast options. Whatever you choose to get here, it will be delicious, and you won’t be disappointed.

On this particular Tuesday, we ordered a smorgasbord of things off of the menu before trivia. Samantha got a lobster roll, I ordered a blackened haddock sandwich, and we both split barbecue wings as an appetizer.

The Living Room, North End Boston

The barbecue wings had a lot of meat to them, and the sauce was packed with flavor. Honestly, neither of us had ever tried the wings at the Living Room because we weren’t sure how good they would be, and we were so used to ordering the same thing – however, the wings greatly exceeded our expectations. The blackened haddock sandwich was topped with a chipotle aioli that had a bit of a kick to it, and a black pepper brioche bun that brought the flavor altogether. The lobster roll was slathered in butter and the meat was real fresh and chilled to perfection.

The Living Room always has things going on, and even if it doesn’t, it has an excellent vibe that very few restaurants in Boston can match. It’s a great choice for a casual meet-up with friends and to grab some food and beer. Be sure to get to The Living Room early to ensure you and your party get an open couch to sit at!

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