Oath Pizza — Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA


I’m sure right now you’re thinking to yourself, “Just want Boston needs…another pizza place,” but hear us out: Oath Craft Pizza in Coolidge Corner is definitely worth a visit.

IMG_2682.jpgA warning: if you’re looking for honest-to-goodness, split-a-pie-among-friends-while-watching-football pizza, then Oath is not for you. This is a hipster pizza joint, which essentially means three things: an emphasis on fresh and unique ingredients, creative flavor combos that don’t seem like they should work but totally work, and small portions.

We started out by ordering two half-pizzas. Nate got the Spicy Mother Clucker (best name for a pizza ever, right?), which came with mozzarella, pickled red onion, and spiced chicken, topped with scallions and drizzles of Sriracha and Oath’s “secret sauce.” Being allergic to spice (or at least a total baby about it), I opted for milder fare: the Walley, which came with mozzarella, baby spinach, diced tomato, feta, and roasted garlic all on top of a deliciously fresh basil pesto (which they used as the base of the pizza instead of traditional tomato sauce). Both were delicious — the thin crust was crispy without tasting too well-done and the toppings were fresh, tasty, and generous.

Oath Craft Pizza in Coolidge Corner

However, the pizza itself was really small — three slices of Oath pizza equal probably about one slice of pizza at another restaurant, which is something we didn’t know before ordering. We were still hungry at the end of our half-pizzas, so we decided to splurge and split one more: the Luau, which came with mozzarella, BBQ pulled pork, and fresh grilled pineapple (yes, we are of the kind who very much enjoy pineapple on pizza), topped with BBQ drizzle and scallions. The flavor combo was highly enjoyable — the slight saltiness of the pulled pork and the vinegar-heavy BBQ drizzle were complemented nicely by the sweetness of the pineapple.


One really cool feature that’s worth mentioning: each pizza is made specifically to order (and the ingredients bar located at the front counter allows you to have as much control as you want in the building of your pizza, Chipotle-style) but Oath prides itself in its quick-cooking process. They describe it as “part art, part science, part holy sh*t how did you do that.” I describe it as really convenient — we ordered two different kinds of pizza and received them both within five minutes. The third half-pizza came out in about 10 minutes because it was busier by the time we placed that order. And all three were oven-crisped and clearly had not touched the inside of a microwave. So whatever Oath is doing to them — science, magic, sorcery, etc. — is clearly working in this regard.
With various locations around the city — South Station, Davis Square — and outside the city — Chestnut Hill, Nantucket (pizza on the beach!) — Oath is a solid spot for an above average slice of pizza.

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