The Breakfast Club – Lower Allston, MA

At the Breakfast Club in Lower Allston, you can relive (or for young folks, live) the 1980s. Based off the movie, “the Breakfast Club”, the restaurant plays music from the soundtrack, along with other 80’s songs. There are posters and pictures from the movie, and many of their dishes are named after characters in the movie, like “the Janitor”, “the Dork”, and “the Criminal”.  

I’ve been a fan of the Breakfast club ever since I moved to Lower Allston a few years ago. It was of the few notable places to go in L.A. at the time (although it has been built up more in recent days). As the local neighborhood breakfast spot, I had been to Breakfast Club many times before. It’s always been a student hot-spot, and you can see the line of college students literally out the door on any Saturday morning. There is no shortage of parking, as there is parking on the back as well as street parking.

We ended up getting there on Sunday afternoon around 12:30, well after the line out the door had died down. It’s a pretty small diner, with limited seating. To get seating faster, we sat at the counter, since it was only the two of us.

Samantha ordered the Nutella pancakes, a common go-to order at the Breakfast Club. She always craves Nutella, but these pancakes were particularly tasty. They weren’t too dense, and the Nutella was actually in the batter so every bite had the same melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut flavor. They were so flavorful that they didn’t even need syrup or butter. That’s when you know you have good pancakes!

I followed suit and got a Nutella banana shake to go with my chicken and waffles, an order that is a personal favorite of mine. The shake was thick, but not too thick, and the addition of banana made me feel like I was having a healthy breakfast (my body’s a temple?). The chicken and waffles featured pulled BBQ chicken, and a creamy sriracha gravy on the side, which had a bit of a kick to it (or if you’re like Samantha and do not generally go for spicy foods, the sauce had way more than a bit of a kick to it… you’ve been warned). I’m also weird and really enjoy this meal with syrup glazed on top. It puts some more breakfast in the meal if you ask me.

If you ever find yourself in Lower Allston or are just considering a new breakfast place, the Breakfast Club won’t disappoint! Between the unique ambiance and the creative dish options, you won’t forget about it.

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