Los Andes Restaurant – Providence, RI


Los Andes in Providence, RI was on Yelp’s 100 best places to eat list in 2016, a list of restaurants that were the all-time most popular and well reviewed on Yelp across the United States. It’s a unique restaurant and a popular one in the Providence. They have authentic Peruvian cuisines that are not only flavorful but aesthetically pleasing.

We arrived on a Saturday night around 6:30. As you walk in, the outside of the building makes it look like a small dive bar, and when you first walk in, it does seem like it is a dive bar. That is until you walk to the end of the front bar to check in with the host. There are actually two much larger areas in the back – an indoor room, and an outdoor space that they converted into an indoor dining area. But combined, these two rooms are huge.

The house was packed on a Saturday night. We started by going to the back bar and ordering a few authentic drinks while we waited for a table.

We started with a Calamare Al K’allu – fresh squid dusted with flour, fried and tossed with queso blanco, choclo, mint, tomatoes banana & cherry peppers and garlic butter, finished with an age balsamic reduction. The balsamic added a nice touch and the queso blanco was excellent. 

For the main course, we split the Bisteca A Lo Pobre, a frequented order- pan seared sirloin steak, served with sweet plantains, french fries, white rice and topped with fried eggs.  Toward the end of our chowing down, the owner came over to our table and asked how the food was, which I always love when I’m eating. It was a really a nice gesture and makes it personal.

All in all, Los Andes is a great place to go if you’re in Providence! It’s a considered one of the best food places in Providence with authentic cuisine, tons of seating, and very good service. It is definitely a must try if you want to change it up from the norm!

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