Boston Sail Loft – North End, Boston, MA


So if you haven’t picked up on it yet, Nate and I really enjoy seafood (so much, in fact, that we recently drove all the way to Hull in search of the perfect plate of clam strips — totally worth it). Luckily, we found a place right here in the city that serves up a deliciously authentic Boston seafood experience with 360-degree views of the water. Located right in the North End, the Boston Sail Loft has the look of a weathered beachfront cottage and an amazing menu to match.

We’ve been twice. The first time was for lobster rolls, which were jam-packed with loads of fresh, sweet, and succulent lobster meat bound together by a light coating of mayo and piled on a crisp, buttery roll.  The second time, however, was the highlight for me since it marked my first time trying scallops (crazy, I know).  The Broiled Sea Scallops were cooked to perfection — incredibly tender and topped with golden-brown, buttery Ritz cracker crumbs. They sat in a butter sauce that infused each scallop with a tremendous amount of flavor, and my only regret was that I had to share them with Nate and couldn’t hog them all for myself. We got them with mashed potatoes — garlicky and creamy, with chunks of potato skin running through — and a vegetable medley (because you have to have something green on your plate, even if you only have a few pieces of broccoli to be polite).


We also decided to splurge and split a Fried Fish Sandwich (because treat yo self).  A heaping portion of fried cod topped with melted cheddar cheese all on a giant hamburger bun, the sandwich was definitely meant for sharing. Or maybe meant for a person who hadn’t just eaten a huge order of scallops. Either way, there were leftovers aplenty. And, as per Nate’s request, I’m mentioning that our sandwich-eating experience was taken to a whole new level when Nate came up with the admittedly brilliant idea to spread the sides of tartar sauce and coleslaw directly on the fried cod.

IMG_2651It was an excellent dining experience — not only was the food delicious, but our table (and most of the tables in the relatively tiny but well-decorated restaurant) looked directly out on the water. The Boston Sail Loft is the closest you’ll get to beachfront dining without having to leave the city.


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