Trip To Nashville


This is the first post ever on the Boston Eat Party. We recently took a trip down to “music city” aka Nashville, and it rocked (pun intended). Our trip was filled the best food and drinks that Nashville has to offer, including delicious southern comfort food. Perhaps the best of the best in Nashville is Hattie B’s. Holy sh*t is their chicken delicious. It was so good, we went there not once, but twice in the three days down there. Each day we went, the line was literally out the door, and it was a half hour wait. You can’t go wrong with any order, but we split some sides and order the spicy chicken sandwich and chicken thighs.

We also went to Patterson House, a house-turned-bar that has a very cool, unique prohibition-style bar. We literally walked by the Patterson House – that’s how much of a house it looks like! If you are searching for unique mixed drinks that you won’t find elsewhere, paired with great appetizers to pick at.



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